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PIC21The following courses are available for entrepreneurs

  • 1. Quick Guide to Starting & Building a Business in Zimbabwe. 
  • 2. How to Write a Winning Business Plan.
  • 3. Brilliant Sales & Marketing.
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Simplified Guide to Taxes 2015 low resThe 2015 Simplified Guide to Taxes is available for only $3 eBook sent by email or $6 for printed copy.


About The Facilitators

 Phillip Chichoni

photo0727Phillip is a business development consultant and business skills trainer. He has been working with business owners and their staff in the following areas:

  • Starting new Businesses
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Planning and Strategies
  • Financial Systems Development
  • Business Systems Development and more.

Phillip is the author of books that include “Business Planning Simplified”, “High Impact Low Cost Marketing Strategies for SMEs”. Phillip has trained over 400 business owners and their employees since 2008. He runs the business resources site http://smebusinesslink.com and publishes the monthly BusinessLink magazine, which provides business building insights and opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth.

Phillip is currently the Chairman of the SME Business Development Committee of the Harare Chamber of Commerce, where he is involved in facilitating training programs for entrepreneurs, among other things.


Fitzgerald Mujuru

fitzFitz is Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Sales and Marketing trainer with 17 years hands on experience in the field.He has worked with Art Corporation, Webolutions, LASOF Leadership Institute, City Angels, SME Business Link, Big Ideas Events and The Occasion Magazine.

As an author he has participated in two international writing competitions contributing 100 articles in 100 days to www.ezinearticles.com in two consecutive writing marathons. He is a blogger on http://www.powerthought4today.wordpress.com.He is currently building a direct selling business in the perfume and personal care categories.

Christine Mangwanya

With hands on experience in marketing and selling, Christine has been involved in helping businesses improve and attain customer service excellence since 2010. Her current clients include the multi-awards winning Integrated Properties (Pvt) Ltd ( www.intpro.co.zw).

1. Quick Guide to Starting and Building a Business in Zimbabwe

buildThis course is essential for everyone building a business, or thinking of starting a new enterprise.

After the course, you will know exactly what steps to take on your journey to building a successful business.

Topics covered:

  1. The Lean Approach to assessing the viability and profitability of your idea.
  2. Developing a viable business model.
  3. How to build your core team.
  4. Choosing the right legal form for your business (Company, PBC, partnership, informal, or sole proprietor)
  5. Complying with taxes, local authorities licensing and statutory regulations)
  6. Innovative ways of financing your new venture.
  7. Tips on low cost start-up.
  8. Questions and answers.

Place: Admiral Business Systems Office, 3rd Floor Merchant House, Robson Manyika/2nd Street, Harare.

Fee: $20 Covers training, materials, guide book, breakfast and refreshments. (BusinessLink Club subscribers pay $15).

To book: Please call or Whatsapp Christine on 0772 854 301 or email marketing@smebusinesslink.com.


2. How to Write an Effective Business Plan, a step by step guide

business planDo you want to start your own business? Or do you want to seek finance for a new or existing business? Has your business plan been ignored or turned down? Are you struggling to come up with a solid business plan that will attract investors or partners?

This course is for people who want o master the art of writing a professional business plan, whether they are already in business or planning to start.

A business plan is essential in the following aspects:

  • Setting direction for your business: it is a map that will guide you you’re your team on the important tasks that need to be carried out in order to meet your business goals.
  • Planning for growth, new product launch, new markets
  • Seeking finance from banks, youth fund etc.
  • Seeking investors, local or foreign.
  • Seeking business partners, such as suppliers, distributors, outsourcing etc.

At the end of this three hour course, you will know exactly what to include in your business plan, how to lay it out to attract the attention of your audience.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to business plans and their various forms
  • Creative ideas of raising money for your business
  • How to create a powerful executive summary
  • Understanding your business model
  • Clearly defining your market
  • Strategies for winning in a crowded market
  • How to use our templates to simplify the business plan writing process

Course date: Friday  11 September,2 pm to 5 pm.

Course fee: $35.00 (The first 5 people to pay will get $10 early bird discount.)

Fee includes our materials plus templates, samples and worksheet and refreshments.

Payments can be made at our office, Number 308, 3rd Floor Merchant House, 2nd Street/ Robson Manyika Avenue, Harare, or send via EcoCash. Contact Christine on 0772 854 301 or Phil on 0777 774 007)


3. Brilliant Sales and Marketing

In times of economic uncertainty, every effort and activity in the organization must be focused on sales generation and new customer development. The Brilliant Marketing and Sales Course is designed to help business owners, sales managers, sales staff, and self employed consultants to grow their sales and win. This is a 6 weeks course, running for four hours a week starting on 5 May 2015, with options to come on Tuesday and Thursday evenings or on Saturday mornings.

Modules :  Marketing

  • Module One.  Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy in Four Steps
  • Module Two. Developing Brilliant Marketing Communication Tools.
  • Module Three. Low Cost High Impact Marketing Tactics that you can Start on Right Away.

Modules: Sales

  • Module One. Three Ways to Become a Valuable Sales Person.
  • Module Two. Essential Selling Skills Training.
  • Modules Three. Customer Care; Dealing with Objections & Difficult Customers; and Time Management.

Course starts on Tuesday 1 September 2015, from 5.30 pm to 7.30pm as detailed below

  • Marketing Module One: Tuesday 1 September               Sales Module One: Thursday 3 September
  • Marketing Module Two: Tuesday 8 September               Sales Module Two: Thursday 10 September
  • Marketing Module Three: Tuesday 15 September          Sales Module Three: Thursday 17 September

Saturday Option:

Marketing Module One, 5 September 8.30am to 1030am. Sales Module One, 1045am to 1245pm.

Marketing Module Two, 12 September 8.30am to 1030am. Sales Module Two, 1045am to 1245pm.

Marketing Module Three, 19September  8.30am to 1030am. Sales Module Three, 1045am to 1245pm.

Course fees: Full course $147.00, Single Modules $30 each. Fees include tuition, course materials and handbooks, snacks and refreshments.

Early bird discount: Get 15% off (save $22) by paying before 29 August 2015.

Please book and pay at our office, Suite 308, 3rd Floor Merchant House, 2nd Street /Robson Manyika, Harare. Call us if you need more details, call 04-700812, or mobile Christine 0772 854 301, Phillip 0777 774 007.

Course facilitators profiles available here.

Brilliant Sales Basics Training Package 2014



 Do you know that LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals and business people? LinkedIn is much more than a social site. It is a community of linkedin_logoprofessionals – in a business mindset – that is waiting to hear from you. LinkedIn is the place – particularly if you are a small company – where you can go establish yourself as an expert in your space.

It is a powerful tool for connecting with people, cultivating relationships and building your business and professional reputation. LinkedIn is designed to help:

  • Professionals seeking to link up with other professionals.
  • Business owners seeking to recruit employees, partners, suppliers, service providers etc.
  • Sales people seeking to connect with buyers and customers.
  • People seeking employment.
  • Students seeking places for attachment, training or mentorship.

But do you know how to use LinkedIn to its fullest potential?

This two-hour course will equip you to make full use of LinkedIn to achieve your business and professional goals. We will cover the following topics:

  • How LinkedIn works
  • How to perfect your LinkedIn profile
  • Make full use of the power of Groups
  • Train your team on social selling
  • Building and nurturing relationships
  • Marketing and promoting your business and services through LinkedIn

Course date: Wednesday 9 September  2015, 5.30 to 7.30pm, or Friday 11 September 2015, 9 to 11am.

Course fee: $35.00 (The first 5 people to pay will get $10 early bird discount.)

Fee includes our 60 page LinkedIn Mastery Handbook, use of our Wi-Fi and refreshments.

Payments can be made at our office, Number 308, 3rd Floor Merchant House, 2nd Street/ Robson Manyika Avenue, Harare, or send via EcoCash. Contact Christine on 0772 854 301 or Phil on 0777 774 007

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