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businesslink magazine July2 businesslink magazine JulyIN THE JULY ISSUE

Competing With Heavyweights: Low Cost, Highly Effective Marketing Lessons for Small Brands from Puma at the World Cup

Networking: How to start and hold productive conversations

Relationships: 5 Ways to Grow the Most Important Asset in Business Building

Starting An Online Business: Step by Step Guidance to Making it Work in Zimbabwe

Clearly define your market for your business plan to be effective

Avoid “Death by Powerpoint”: How to Make a Show Stopping Presentation

In an Economic Crunch, the Client is King

12 Excel Tricks to Expedite Common Chores

The July issue will be emailed to Subscribers on Friday 4 July. The selling price is $1.00 a copy, and $10 for an annual subscription, which gives you free Silver Club membership if you pay by 4pm of 4 July. You can pay at our office or via EcoCash.


Subscribe today for one year for $10 and get free Silver Club membership, which gives you 50% discount at all Business Courses in July, plus a free eBook of your choice. For the courses available, go to the page “Training Courses and Seminars”, and for eBooks to choose from, see the page “BusinessLink Resources”.

Reserve your copy now, just fill your details below and submit and we will contact you


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