rubon32-cea6eBUSINESSLINK has a team of qualified and experienced experts who provide fast and affordable professional services for your business.

Our Services Include:

  • Company registration $280  (See requirements below)
  • Private Business Corporation (PBC) $100
  • Zimra registration (For BP number) $75
  • Tax clearance (ITF263) $150
  • VAT registration $100
  • Business plan writing $150
  • Company returns (CR14, CR6, Annual returns) $45

New Company Registration & Shelf Companies

Requirements for registration of a new company

1)    Desired names (at least six options)

2)    Names of at least two directors, their ID numbers and addresses

3)    Name of company secretary (one of the directors can be secretary or you can nominate us as your secretaries)

4)    Address of the business

5)    Main objects of the business

6)    The fee is $280)

Private Business Corporation (for SMEs)

Requirements for registration of a private business corporation

A PBC has a few limitations compared to a Company

  • The number of members is limited to twenty
  • Its objects are limited to what you state when applying, or you can omit objects so as not to limit the business
  • Some foreign countries do not recognise the local PBC if you intend to contract formally with foreign businesses or get banking facilities outside Zimbabwe

Otherwise a PBC is cheaper and has much less paperwork than a company

The following are the requirements for registration:

1)    Desired name

2)    Names, addresses and ID numbers of at least one member

3)    Address of the business

4)    Object of the business

5)    Capital contributions of each member (cash, assets being contributed into the business)

6)    Name of accountant (one of the members has to have an accounting or bookkeeping qualification  or we can be your accountants)

7)    The fee is $100


Tax Clearance

Tax clearance

Tax clearance certificates (ITF263) are now an obligatory requirement for all businesses. Without one you will find it difficult to do business with most reputable businesses and government departments.

Save yourself the hassle of endless trips and queuing at the ZIMRA office. We will assist you in getting tax clearance for your business. Contact us for a free assessment of your tax position and easing of the way forward so you can conduct your business stress free.

For registered taxpayers

If you are already a taxpayer, the following are required in order to get your tax clearance:

1)    A copy of the previous tax clearance certificate

2)    Copies of the tax returns for the previous tax year (PAYE, VAT, QPD)

3)    Proofs of payment  of the taxes thereof

4)  List of all employees, including full name, date of birth, salary and benefit paid in the past tax year, period of employment, PAYE paid.

For new registration

1)    Copy of company certificate of incorporation (or PBC documents)

2)    Copies of memorandum and articles of incorporation

3)    Copies of CR6 and CR14

4)    Certified copies of IDs of two directors

5)    Proof of residences of directors (utility bills)

6)    Proof of residence of business premises (utility bills)

7)    A bank statement in the company’s name (stamped by the bank)

8)  A bank statement in the name of one of the directors, who will be the Public Officer

9) Letter appointing one of the directors as Public Office, stating Name, Identity Number, Residential Address and a statement to the effect that Public Officer is a signatory to the company’s bank account.

SME Accounting Package

SME Accounting Package

This all exclusive package has proven popular to entrepreneurs who are focused on growing their businesses and don’t yet need full time accounting staff. Under this package we do the following for you at a affordable monthly fee:


  • Monthly management accounts
  • Monthly tax returns (PAYE & VAT)
  • Quarterly tax returns (QPDs)
  • Payroll, including NSSA
  • Tax clearance
  • Year end accounts
  • Proactive, ongoing tax and financial advice throughout the year
  • Unlimited telephone and email access to your accountant for advice


Fees as follows:

VAT Registered business $170 per month

Non VAT Registered business $120 per month

Contact us at Office No 308, 3rd Floor Merchant House, Robson Manyika / 2nd Street, Harare Phone: Phillip Chichoni 0777 774 007, Christine on 0772 854 301.



 Good news: you can now earn commission when you refer a friend for company registration, tax and business planning services.
Yes, we will give you 15% of the fee paid, in cash. Call us on 0777 774 007

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