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 rejected8 Reasons why your business plan will be rejected

It is familiar feeling among new entrepreneurs. You submit your business plan. With half dread and half optimism you wait. And wait. For weeks. There is no response from the bank or investor. After a few months, you know your business plan has been rejected. (more…)


actionWhy you don’t need a business plan

The small business has always faced a high risk of failure. On average, only one in ten new businesses survives beyond five years. Reasons for failure vary widely: from poor planning to inadequate resources, heavy competition, unwanted products and even pure bad luck.
Most of the time failure occurs after a substantial investment of time and money into the business. Even entrepreneurs with the most meticulously prepared business plans or those with loads of startup capital have been seen failing.
The flaw of the conventional startup process arises from its focus on predicting the future. More…



Two ways to turn your business into a lean, mean marketing machine


When David went to fight Goliath in the battle between the Israelites and the Philistines in the valley of Elah, he spotted a niche. All Israelite soldiers were waiting to confront the Philistine army in a group battle, but Goliath challenged them to abandon the battle formation and choose only man to fight him. No-one among the Israelites dared to take the risk. (more…)








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