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No excuses, no apologies, no explanations please



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By Phillip Chichoni

excuses imagesEvery-one knows why we are having extended power cuts in this country; ask any kid or granny and they will tell you exactly how many megawatts ZESA is generating as a result of the low dam water levels at Kariba and the faults at Hwange, Munyati etc.
Yes, the information is there. The folks at Megawatt House are brilliant in keeping the public informed about what is happening because of their incompetence. (The latest one is hilarious. A senior official, alleged to be an engineer by profession, has just recently explained how geysers are responsible for the failure to build new power stations and said government was enacting a statutory instrument to ban them).
The attitude of finding excuses and apportioning blame are prevalent in this country. Business people are not spared either. They are eager to explain the various reasons why their companies are not performing, failing to deliver quality products or why they products are so expensive compared to imports, or why they cannot pay you as previously agreed.
I think we are spending more time and energy dwelling on the excuses, apologies and explanations rather than finding solutions.
Customers do not want to hear about your problems; they have enough of their own already. What they want to hear is what you are doing about it. And what solutions you are coming up with.
Let us put the blame game aside and start taking responsibility.
Remember the first three of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective people: 1) Be proactive, 2) Begin with the end in mind, and 3) Put first things first.
These three habits, when practices, will move you from dependence to independence. In other words, you will stop blaming other people and other factors for your problems; instead, you will take responsibility for your situation. You will be in charge of your life, your business and your family rather than blaming outside factors.
Start taking responsibility today and stop creating excuses, apologies or explanations.

Phillip ChichoniTwitter #chichonip
Phillip Chichoni is the publisher of BusinessLink Magazine. Get a free sample copy here.


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