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Build Multiple Streams of Income: Always have something going on in the backyard



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life-love-quote1“It’s a tough business if you don’t know what you’re doing. But it can be extremely lucrative and very rewarding when you learn the ropes.”
― Robert G. Allen


Relying on a single source of income is dangerous. If you are employed, what happens when your job is terminated, like it is the trend these days? If you own a shop, what if it goes up in flames? Or if you run a professional business, what if your biggest customers delay your payments?

Successful people build multiple streams of income. Look at Strive Masiyiwa. He does not rely on Econet only. He has dozens of other businesses out of Zimbabwe. And his family trust invests in different types of enterprises, like the recently launched online directory www.tenga.co.zw.

There are plenty of projects that you can run as side businesses, to increase your income as well as cushion you when your main source of income suffers a setback.

Most people are into chicken production. However, there is one very lucrative business that you can run in your backyard- rabbit production. Rabbit meat is in high demand at major hotels and top class restaurants, as well as among households in your own community. Those who are into rabbit production confirm that it is not a difficult project to run. It is also more profitable than chicken production, as rabbits are heavy breeders: one female rabbit can produce around 72 offspring in a year!

Besides, feeding rabbits is inexpensive, they can grow entirely on commercially sold, or if you have access to greens, like discarded cabbage leaves, or even wild grass and leaves, it’s enough to sustain rabbits.

If you have youthful children, you can start this project with them so they not only earn their own income, but learn hard work and entrepreneurship to prepare them for the future.

If you would like full information on starting your own profitable rabbit production project, we have a special offer for you. We will you give you the newly revised business planning guide, BUSINESS PLANNING SIMPLIFIED 2015 (normal price $24), plus COMMERCIAL RABBIT PRODUCTION IN ZIMBABWE (normal price $12), for only $24.00. You save $12!

This offer is valid to the first twenty customers only who come before 31 July. Get your copies at our office, 3rd Floor Merchant House, 2nd Street / Robson Manyika Avenue, Harare. Phone 04-700812 or 0777 774 007.

Please pass this on to your friends and have a great daysunscribe


PS: Remember, we pay you commission if you refer a friend for our services: company registration, private business corporation (PBC), tax clearance, accounting and business plans. Refer now and get 20% of our fees charged!


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