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Why 2015 is the Best Year to Start Your Business



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2015 BEST YEARBy the BusinessLink team

Most people now know that New Year resolutions are a waste of time. Within six to eight weeks, all those goals you had planned to achieve would have been pushed to the back burner. Many people think of starting a new business every New Year but then decide that the time is not yet right.

If you need any motivation in setting your goal, here are the 10 reasons why 2015 will be the perfect year to start a business.

 The economySubscribe-to-Our-Weekly-Newsletter1


We all know the Zimbabwean economy has been taking a beating in the past decade. Now it is at a level at which it cannot go down any further. The only way left is up. Foreign investors are already setting their marks. Soon recovery will start and where will you be with your idea if you haven’t already set it up?

Investor money

In 2014, foreign investment in Africa was at an all time high. Because of extremely low interest rates prevailing in Europe and the Americas, investors seeking better returns turned to Africa. And 2015 doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. So, if your big idea needs big money, now is the time to perfect your pitch and reach out to investors.


Cloud-based technologies have continued to drive down the cost of doing business. Companies like Adobe and Microsoft have made their previously expensive software available via a subscription service. So, if your new idea used to need expensive software to be successful, that probably isn’t the case anymore.


It’s true that your net worth can often times be tied to the size of your network: The more people you know usually provides you with more opportunities to do business. For someone just getting started, this used to be prohibitive. It’s tough to dedicate lunches and evenings to networking when you’ve got a new company to run. But with networking becoming a digital activity thanks to groups like LinkedIn, new entrepreneurs can now build up their network before they ever open their business doors.


I once heard a speaker say that anyone could be an expert in something with the help of search engines, books and dedication. I can personally vouch for this. I taught myself how to be a business planning consultant and marketer by reading books, doing online searches and spending months learning the craft. So, if your business idea requires a level of expertise, then it’s never been easier to get your hands on the knowledge you need.

 World markets

If your new company needs a fancy website, online marketing, graphic design or any number of other services, then you’re in luck. It used to require a huge capital investment to get this work done but now you can contract with groups overseas to get quality work done for much cheaper than you could using local vendors. Also, many of these necessities have out-of-the-box platforms (i.e. Shopify for ecommerce). So, it’s never been cheaper or easier to get your idea off the ground.

 Access to experts

If you’ve ever had a tough question that you needed answered regarding business law, taxes or accounting, then you know how hard it is to get good advice that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. But with services like Quora, anyone can now get even the toughest questions answered. Plus, the answers are vetted by the user base through voting, so you know you’re getting a legit answer to your question. So, don’t let your lack of knowledge intimidate you anymore.

The speed of innovation

The “Internet of Things” is a new idea that cropped up over the last few years. It’s the idea that everything and anything can be connected to the Internet. This has ushered in some groundbreaking technologies and some people peg the IoT industry to eventually be $14 trillion in size. And the IoT industry isn’t unique. New industries are popping up all the time. So you have the chance to be truly innovative like never before in 2015. Get out there and snag a piece of the pie.

You’re one year wiser

This one is on you. This year you’re one year wiser and older than you were a year ago. You’ve learned from your mistakes and you’ve had time to perfect your idea. So, take advantage of your wisdom and use it to make 2015 the year you dominate the business world.

If not now, then when?

I just spent the entire article telling you how 2015 will give you a unique opportunity to start your business. But the truth is, every year gives advantagesBUSINESSLINK SUBSCRIPTION OFFER APRIL 2015. over the previous year. So, if you’re waiting for the perfect time, then you’ve already waited too long. The right time to start your new business is NOW! Don’t wait for any arbitrary date like January 1st. Instead, commit to your plan and get started right now. Yes, today is a great time for starting a business.

This article first appeared in the January issue of BusinessLink magazine.


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