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Succeed by failing more and failing faster



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stalloneAt the age of 9, Stallone’s parents divorced and he went on to live with his mother. Life was never easy for him. In the 1950s, Stallone had been evicted from his apartment and found himself on the streets. After sleeping at a bus terminus for several days, Stallone saw a poster inviting actors for a film, a soft core adult film. Stallone, at the end his ropes and desperate, went on to act for $200 for two days’ work.

Stallone went on to act in numerous low profile movies until 1970, when he landed a starring role in Nowhere to Hide. From then on things started looking up a bit, with small roles in a few successful films.Subscribe-to-Our-Weekly-Newsletter1

Then on 24 March, 1975, Stallone saw the famous Muhammad Ali- Chuck Wepner fight. In the ninth round, Wepner knocked Ali down and began to celebrate, only to find Ali getting up again. Chuck Wepner went 15 rounds with the world heavyweight champion before he was knocked out with 19 seconds to go.

That night Stallone went home, and after three days, 20 straight hours, he had written the script for the movie Rocky.

Rocky went on to become a smash hit and Stallone gained worldwide fame in the starring role. This made Stallone a movie super star and he went on to play many successful roles, making him a multi-millionaire today.

Our current economic environment is the most challenging ever. With so many problems bedeviling businesses, it is easy for one to wallow in self-pity and wait for a miracle to happen, or for the government to do something. However, true entrepreneurs do not wait for external events to control their lives. They take control of their own situations, taking action necessary to confront all the challenges they face. They do not give up but keep on trying many tactics until they find the brilliant strategy that works out. Stallone never gave up even when things were not going well for him. He found inspiration from a boxing match.

Use your God-given mind to think of solutions and ideas. Look out for opportunities that are always around in a crisis. Have many marketing activities going on because not all will work. The more you try, and fail, the faster you will hit success. The power is in your own hands, you make your own breaks. If you want something badly enough, no one is gonna give it to you, you got to go and take it.


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