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You cannot win by playing it safe

Winning-isnt-everything-its-the__quotes-by-Vince-Lombardi-20“No great battle was ever won on the defensive.”- Napoleon


Of course Chelsea Football Club are the masters of defensive soccer, but that is not what won them the English Premier League title last week. They defend massively when they are playing against superior attackers, like Arsenal and Manchester United, and know that the odds are against them. However, what won them the league was their superior attacking record against the rest of the league: winning 25 games, drawing eight and losing only two.Subscribe-to-Our-Weekly-Newsletter1

To succeed in any competitive field, you must seize the initiative. You must always be attacking, moving forward, continually innovating and marketing in new and better ways.

You cannot win in business by playing it safe, by cutting costs or retrenching staff. The only way to win is to sell more. This requires superior marketing strategies and tactics than your competitors. You need to continually ask yourself, “How can we use our brains and abilities to outmaneuver our competition?”

Anyone can spend more money, but innovative marketing takes creativity. At the BusinessLink Brilliant Marketing and Sales workshop, we have put together a package to help business owners and marketers who want to make more sales and get more customers in these times of economic uncertainty and high competition.

We will show you how to develop a strategic marketing plan based on the principle of SYSTEMATIC, STRATEGIC PLANNED ACTION (SSPA), which generates PREDICTABLE RESULTS. This six-module course runs for three weeks, in four-hour batches per week. The first session of the weekend course starts this Saturday, 9 May, whilst the weekday one starts on Tuesday 12 May 2015. More details are available at our website page http://smebusinesslink.com/training-courses-and-seminars/brilliant-marketing-and-sales-workshop/

Please forward this email to friends and associates who may benefit from this information. And feel free to send me your thoughts and feedback.

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