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Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows. ~ Michael Landon

think bigSome of our leaders believe the Zimbabwean economy is transforming. As some big companies downsize or even fail, and people are forced into informal employment, some have seen it as change in the Zimbabwean business model: from the corporate model to the micro-business model.
SMEs play a significant role in the economies of many countries, making up the majority in terms of numbers of enterprises as well as employing more people than big firms. However, the Zimbabwean case is different. SMEs do not form the majority of businesses; it is the micro-enterprises made up mostly of informal traders. SMEs are also struggling with high operating costs, heavy council licences and Zimra taxes whereas informal traders suffer none of that.
If we start thinking that micro-enterprises will lift this country’s economy, it is like expecting that millions of ants can pull an elephant out of a mud-pit. They simply cannot, no matter their numbers,
We need to start thinking big again, instead of stooping down to thinking small because it is easier.
Currently there is a delegation from the European Investment bank visiting Zimbabwe and seeking serious people to do business with. They are not looking for small businesses. There are looking for medium to big projects, in the million dollars levels. SMEs owners can do well to stretch their minds and think of business ideas in the millions to hundreds of millions of dollars if they want to be taken seriously by foreign investors.
At the Zimbabwean South Africa business conference in Pretoria last week, President Jacob Zuma bemoaned the problem common with South African businesses. He said that the majority of black “business people” are simply fronts being used either by rich white South Africans or foreigners with money. Very few are true and independent business people.
We have potential to do big business in Zimbabwe, what with our huge mineral and land resources. We just need to think bigger. Those who are thinking that the micro-route is the new economy have simply given up on thinking and taken the easy route of accepting mediocrity.
Start thinking now. Dream big. Collaborate with other big minded entrepreneurs, use leverage and make big plans happen. Don’t allow limiting thoughts, those of problems and lack, to drag you down. Think of something big that you can start working on today.
Have a great day


PS: Don’t miss the April BusinessLink Networking Breakfast meeting on Friday 24 April 2015. Details here.

download free march issu3Note: The April issue of BusinessLink magazine is being finalized and will be out by Thursday the 16th. If you haven’t sampled it, get the March issue for free here.

Note: The April issue of BusinessLink magazine is being finalized and will be out by Thursday the 16th. If you haven’t sampled it, get the March issue for free here.


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