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Magazine coverFEb 2015.BusinessLink magazine is the premier source of business building insights, resources and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa.
It is a must read for every entrepreneur, business owner and CEO who wants to accelerate their business’ growth.

Inside the February issue:

Will you survive the 2015 turnaround?
• SME Stock Exchange gathers speed
• Zim companies uncompetitive: Chinamasa
• Have a Sense of Urgency
• Break free from the confines of normality
• The Secret to Staying at the Top WHEN You Get There
• Debunking Entrepreneurial Myths
• What Would Be Entrepreneurs Fear Most About Starting Up
• Spa venture thrives as the hand that gives
• Former sponsored child, now a successful entrepreneur
• The Truth about Entrepreneurship and What it Takes
• Create a Business Plan by Answering 4 Simple Questions
• Will Your New Idea Work? Here Are Three Ways To Find Out
• How to Stand Apart in a Competitive Landscape
• 7 Things That Will Keep You From Being Successful
• How to Know If Your Business Has Reached the Next Level
• The Billion Dollar Joke
• The Critical Role Content Marketing Plays in Your Business
• 7 Keys to Marketing Breakthroughs
• Doing business in Zimbabwe: How to Start a Tour Company
• Promoting people to their highest level of incompetency
• When professionalism means betraying a friend
• You don’t need a loan to start a business, you need THESE THREE THINGS
• Book Review: The Alchemist
• Welcome To Imvelo Safari Lodges’ Bomani Tented Lodge

GET YOUR COPY SENT TO YOUR EMAIL INBOX NOW FOR ONLY $1.00 OR SUBSCRIBE FOR ONE YEAR FOR ONLY $10 AND SAVE 16%. You cay pay via EcoCash, PayPal/VISA /MASTERCARD, or in cash at our offices at No.308, 3rd Floor Merchant House, 2nd Street / Robson Manyika Avenue, Harare. Call us oR whatsapp Christine on  +263 772 854 301.



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