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Trade-Show-Genius2Did you know?

Did you know that if you are renting an office or business premises, you are required to get a copy of a valid tax clearance certificate from your landlord? If your landlord does not have a tax clearance certificate, you are required to deduct 10% of the rentals amount and submit it as withholding tax to Zimra. If you don’t  comply with this directive and Zimra catches you,  they will make you pay this withholding tax, plus 100% penalty, plus interest.

If your landlord is not co-operative, then you have no choice but to pay the withholding tax from your own pocket in order to remain tax compliant. [See 2015 Simplified Guide to Taxes for more advice and information]

Now,  to this week’s topic. I wish to share with you something I just read in Brian Tracy’s book, How The Best Leaders Lead. It’s about the qualities of a genius which enable him or her to effectively solve problems and accomplish lofty goals. We surely could become more effective in dealing with the tough situations we face daily in doing business in our environment if we learn these qualities. Here are the three qualities:

  1. The first quality of a genius, irrespective of IQ, is the ability to concentrate single-mindedly on a single goal, a single problem, or a single question without getting tired or bored.
  2. The second quality of geniuses is mental flexibility. The genius refuses to rush to judgment. Instead the genius spends a lot of time considering all the various possible ways of approaching or solving the problem or answering the question.
  3. The third quality of geniuses is that they use a systematic method to solve any problem. As with a mathematical formula, when you approach each problem in a systematic way and follow in a series of proven steps to walk through the problem, you dramatically increase your ability to function at higher mental levels. You will soon be astonished at the quality and quantity of ideas that you come up with.

Remember high school mathematics, when you had to learn to solve those quadratic equations and endure calculus classes at advanced stage? You will likely never have to use those formulae in real life, but what they did is teach you how to think systematically and logically.

The fact is that you are a potential genius. You can dramatically increase your inborn creativity by regularly applying these methods and techniques to problems or goals, large or small. The more often you use these methods and techniques, the smarter and more effective at problem solving and goal getting you will become.

Have a great day


PS: The February BusinessLink magazine is now available. Subscribers will receive their copy via email today. If you would like a copy, it’s only $1, or $10 for a year’s subscription. Call / Whatsapp Christine on 0772 854 301 to order.

PS:  The 2015 Simplified Guide to Taxes is also available, $3 for eBook and $6 for printed copy.

Simplified Guide to Taxes 2015 low res Order your copy now, call Christine on 0772 854 301 or come to our offices: Merchant House, 2nd Street / Robson Manyika, 3rd Floor, Suite 308. Magazine coverFEb 2015.



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