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Collaboration and Loyalty are the New Rules for Growth



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“No man is an island. Similarly no business can grow in solitude. Grow your business faster by leveraging on other businesses and people outside your business.”  

Collaboration means the co-operation between two or more parties working jointly towards a common goal.

The old saying, “two heads are better than one” has been around for centuries for a reason. More effective problem solving and growth happens when you combine resources in talent, experience, finances and infrastructure. Sharing and leveraging those resources means that you increase your reach to new markets.

The most successful companies we are seeing today grew fast because of some sort of collaboration with others. For example, Microsoft did not grow to become the largest software company by acting alone. Instead, Bill Gates leveraged on IBM, the biggest computer company at that time. By reaching an agreement that Microsoft provides the operating system to every IBM personal computer, Bill Gates managed to take his firm sky high in no time.

Look for opportunities to collaborate with other businesses, big and small. That is one of the best ways to grow fast.

The most important point to note when seeking collaboration opportunities is that other people will only agree to work with you if there is a benefit for them and they see you as a capable, loyal and high integrity partner who can deliver.

Here are the six bedrock rules of loyalty:

  1. Always play to win / win for all parties.
  2. Be picky about who you work with and let it show.
  3. Keep it simple so you can be quick and flexible.
  4. Reward the right results generously to get more.
  5. Listen hard, talk straight and be candid.
  6. Walk the talk- live by what you say.


Phil Chichoni

BusinessLink Community


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