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2015 is here. Grow or die



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By Phillip Chichoni

canvasAnother year is coming to an end. It has been one of the most challenging years for business and economics that we have experienced ever. Numerous small businesses have closed. Many offices, retail shops and industrial factories are empty. A lot of business owners have fallen by the wayside or downsized. The environment, characterized by tight liquidity and low demand, has been too much of a challenge for a lot of business owners.

For serious entrepreneurs, however, challenge is the name of the game. The race is on and you are in it. If you are not committed to winning, to conquering against all odds, you will be brushed aside and passed over by people and companies more determined to win than you are.

The challenges in business are not unique to Zimbabwe. Some time ago, Harvard University made three predictions that apply to the current economic situation. First, they said, there will be more change in your business in every year ahead than ever before. Second, there will be more competition in your business than ever before. And third, there will be more opportunities in your business than ever before.

To survive, business owners must stay on their toes and think on their feet. It can no longer be business as usual. Old methods of doing business will not keep you in the race. You need to know more and do more. Staying in the same place in a moving environment will see you being left behind.

You need to always be growing. If you don’t grow, you will atrophy. This December issue, our ninth edition of BusinessLink magazine, we focus on growth. We give you advice on how to plan and act in order to grow and keep your business moving fast ahead in the coming year and forward. I hope you will be stimulated and motivated to keep on growing, adapting to the changing environment and making your business proper.

You are the one responsible for the outcomes of your business; not the external environment.

Have refreshing holidays and hit 2015 running!

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