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The one indispensible key to business success



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gazelle“No great battles are ever won on the defensive.” – Napoleon

Every morning a gazelle wakes up knowing that it has to run faster than the fastest lion. Or else it will be caught and become breakfast for the lion.

Every morning a lion wakes up knowing that it has to run faster than the fastest gazelle. Or else it will not have food and will starve to death.

It is tough out there in the jungle. So is it in business today. We are living in the most challenging times for business and economics that we have experienced in our lifetimes. Only the fit and the nimble will survive.

What Napoleon meant in the quote above is that your company cannot win by playing it safe, by retreating or by simply cutting costs.

To succeed in any competitive environment, you must seize the initiative. You must always be attacking, moving forward, continually innovating and marketing in new and better ways.

The most important number in any business is cash flow. The purpose of a commercial business is to generate sales, revenues and cash flow in a steady, predictable and consistent process in the face of determined competitors who also want the same thing.

In business, the equivalent of the offensive or the attack in warfare, is marketing and sales to your customers.

The one indispensible key to business success is increased sales activity and sales results. This requires advertising, promoting, marketing and attracting prospective customers and then selling effectively to them so they give you money in exchange for your offering.

In times of economic uncertainty, every effort and activity in the organization must be focused on sales generation and new customer development.

The primary reason for business success is high sales; the primary reason for business failure is low sales. All else is complimentary.

So remember, focus on your marketing and sales.


Phil Chichoni

BusinessLink Community

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