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leadersAn entrepreneur is a leader. A person who is a poor leader will struggle to build a successful organization. However leaders are not born. One has to learn and acquire the skills and techniques of leadership.

Winston Churchill is known for leading the United Kingdom during the Second World War against Hitler’s Germany. Do you know who was prime minister before him? Well, you may know little about Neville Chamberlain because he resigned 8 months into the war, paving the way for Winston Churchill who motivated a nation to stand up against the Nazi threat.

Churchill learned leadership during his years in the army. When the war came, he rose to the occasion. If there was no war, his great leadership qualities would likely never had stood out that much.

For entrepreneurs, leadership is something they have to be continuously learning. Yes you may possess the basic qualities of a leader. However in stable times you never really get called upon to step up.

If you look at many of the famous leaders throughout history, you will notice that they became famous because they navigated through seemingly impossible times. Instead of quivering in indecision when facing complex and catastrophic situations, they reacted boldly and aggressively. They threw old methods and ideas out of the window, created their own approaches and adopted unconventional ideas. So the lesson is: tough times breed great leaders.

Companies going through tough times, like what is happening in Zimbabwe today, need a leader who can rise to the occasion. Someone who can keep his staff motivated and hopeful while preparing for the future.

While others are talking about the recession, low demand and illiquidity, great business leaders are focusing on extraordinary solutions. It is easy to retrench, reduce the budget and halt growth plans, all which require no great leadership skills.

Great leaders don’t flow with the current. They search for more creative solutions while inspiring their people to stay engaged.

How does one learn the great leadership skills needed to win in the face of adverse situations?

You learn leadership from other successful leaders. Study the stories of successful leaders, converse with others who are pursuing great leadership and start practicing their good habits.

On Wednesday 29 October, one of our renowned leadership experts, Dr. Partson Dzamara, will talk about Five Leadership Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs at the BusinessLink Networking Breakfast meeting. Get more details at http://smebusinesslink.com or call or Whatsapp Christine on +263 772 854 301.



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