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Is it about what you know or who you know?

who knwos yourEvery year millions of manuscripts are submitted to publishers by writers all across the world. Most of them are rejected. Of those that are accepted, only a small portion go on to become successful books.

When Harvey MacKay wrote his first book “Swim with the Sharks without being eaten alive” in 1988, he approached one of the biggest publishing firms to get it printed. He asked for 100,000 copies.

The publisher was flabbergasted.

“Who are you Mr. MacKay?” the publisher asked. “First time, unknown author and you have the nerve to ask for 100,000 copies? You must be out of your mind.”

Calmly Mr. MacKay pulled up his suitcase and explained. “I have here names and contacts of nearly a hundred thousand people who can buy my book.”

Curiously the publisher watched as Mr. MacKay pulled out card after card with names and contact details of all the people he had met since college.

In the end a hundred thousand books were published and were sold out. Swim with the sharks stayed on the New York Times Best Seller List for 54 weeks and went on to sell over 5 million copies.

This story illustrates the importance of knowing people. But it is not just about the people you know; it’s about those who know you.

Building a network with key, knowledgeable and trusted people is one of the most important things you can spend your time doing. Not just collecting stacks of business cards that you will keep in your drawer, but creating relationships that add value to your life and business.

At some networking events I have attended, many people collect your card but you never hear from them again. The whole point of getting to know people is so that they can get to know you. Once they know you and get to like you, they will want to do business with you.

So take the initiative and work on building those relationships. Social media has made it easier to keep in touch and share information. So use it. But remember, face to face contact is more effective as it has more impact.

So why not join us at the next BusinessLink networking event and start building relationships? Email me for the program of our upcoming events at chichonip@gmail.com.

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Have a pleasant day

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