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How to build the perfect startup



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BUSINESSLINK MAGAZINE AUGUST 2014 Cover“I always tell people: ‘If you’ve got a product or a service that is required by the market, you can sell it’. It’s not about the sciences. It’s about the passion for the idea”.

This is what Divine Ndhlukula said when asked about what made her want to start a security company when she had no training or experience in that particular industry.

Building a perfect business requires a set of skills that no single person possesses.

The perfect start-up has all three founders:

  • Someone who understands how to build technologies and systems to solve problems.
  • Someone who understands the human factors behind those problems, why they exist, what it takes to fix them and how to shape the experience.
  • Someone who understands how to reach, talk to and sell to the people whose problems are being solved–and to keep finding more of them.

Fail fast: Start with a working set of assumptions and test them out in the market very fast. If your assumptions are wrong then pivot, adjust, and make a decisive decision. Remember, entrepreneurs love the process, the idea is one of many you’ll try on the way to achieving greatness, and commercial success.

Know your weaknesses: Knowing your weaknesses is as important as knowing what your strengths are, and even more important as your company grows; hire or have co-founders who are great in areas where you are weak.

In our BusinessLink Magazine feature article this month, we share with you the story of one of the country’s most successful business builders, how she started from a cottage with only three employees and went on to build one of the top security firms around, now employing almost 3,500 people.

That is the story of Divine Ndhlukula, which we hope will inspire you, especially if you are a women entrepreneur, in working hard in building a successful business.

Phillip Chichonip- Publisher

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