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Winning Ways: Don’t undervalue yourself



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By Phillip Chichoni

In last month’s issue we had an article about Chuck Wepner entitled “What if he had surrendered?” Well, Wepner was a boxer who fought bravely. He became known as the “Bayone bleeder” because he never gave up no matter how much bashing he took. After his match with Heavy Weight Champion Muhammad Ali in 1975, which he lost after almost knocking out Ali in the ninth round, Wepner received $100,000, a lot more money than he had ever touched in his life. When his story was turned into a movie, the academy award winning Rocky, Wepner was hired as a consultant. He was offered a choice of either one percent of the movie’s takings or a once off $70,000 fee. Wepner accepted the cash offer. However he lost $8 million dollars, as the movie went on to gross $800 million. Today, Chuck Wepner lives in Bayone and works as a liquor salesman. This is what happens when you sell yourself short.
To win with people, you must be a winner yourself, or at least be on your way to becoming one. You cannot give others what you don’t have. You cannot take people further than you have travelled yourself.
Being a winner comes down to one thing, your value. Winners are valuable, ask any star athlete who has just signed a multimillion dollar deal. However, true winning has nothing to do with your performance, salary or earning capacity. It has all to do with your value, whether or not you have owned it. When you embrace your personal value, when you are secure in who you are, then you are a winner.
Act to increase your value so that you can be useful to others. Identify your insecurities and bad habits to break and make a plan for self improvement. Maximize your value by changing those things that you can. Each of us can improve ourselves once we decide to.
To be continued in next month’s issue of BusinessLink magazine.
Extracted from John Maxwell’s “21 Ways to Win with People”, a Nielsen Business audio book.

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