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Breakfast with Chomi Makina: Relationships are crucial to business success



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Excerpts from Mr.Makina’ presentation at the BusinessLink networking breakfast meeting on 6 June, 2014

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Mr Chomi Makin, CEO of Moonlight Insurance Group

“There is no one formula for success. Each person has his own journey and his own way of doing things. Don’t just follow others without looking at your own strengths and talents.
In the past ten years I have been in business, I have found that people do business with people they know and people they like. I attended a training by an organization called 95% Market Share Inc. They have excellent training methods which build upon this principle. If people don’t like you, don’t like your business, they will not buy your products. According to Jim Niekamp of 95% Market Share, you will succeed if you build customers for a lifetime to buy all your products, and tell their friends.
If someone approaches me and says Mr. Makina, I have this business proposal, if it is someone I know and like, I will listen. That is why it is important to network, meet people and build relationships. When I started working at Zimnat Insurance, during my induction, I was taught that the first cut is the deepest. The first contact with the customer makes or breaks a lifelong relationship. If the customer is impressed, they will tell their friends, and word of mouth is the most powerful marketing method.
Do you know your customers by name? The best marketing companies do some intelligence to find out information about their new clients. When you arrive at the reception, you will be surprised when you are greeted by name. Who will not be impressed by that?
Once customers come, make sure your products are reliable. It is better to under promise and over deliver. Relationship customers will stay for a lifetime, if your products are reliable. The best part, they will tell their friends who will also become lifetime customers. “
Download the full presentation at http://smebusinesslink.com; or send  an email to get the download link, to chichonip@smebusinesslink.com. You can also get the presentation on CD from our office, free for Silver Club members.

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