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Fear Robbery: Robbing Yourself of a Successful Future



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Do one thing every day that scares you” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

By Milton Kamwendo


Robbery is never good. Vandalism is never heroism.

To rob yourself of a future because of fear is to punch too low and live irresponsibly. When things are really tough and fearful it is difficult to imagine that there will be a future.

When you are just eking through each day and living from hand to mouth, it is difficult to think strategically, plan thoughtfully and act boldly. Even when all around you are fearful and scampering for comfortable cover, you must shake off the mantle of fear and let faith be your life’s narrative.

The past is past, today is the product of yesterday and it is up to you to name the future you want rather than let fear dictate your faith. The name you give the future has nothing much to do with your environment or circumstances; it has all to do with your state of mind and vision.

Refuse to be a fearful soul that thinks that everyone owes you a living and you are a victim. Life is for the bold and courageous. Fear flattens your tyres.

To the fearful the future is called “The Falling off the Edge.” The fearful feel that the future must be approached with fearful caution as though stepping on the edge of the Victoria Falls.

Fear imprisons dreams and kills initiative. Many people cannot step boldly into the future with a magnificent vision because they imagine fear breaking their bones and serving their brains as lunch.

Refuse to let fear stop you from trying, moving forward and attempting something worthwhile. Most of your fears have not happened and will never happen anywhere except in your mind.

The biggest fear that haunts people is the fear of death. Whenever I conduct a presentation skills workshops one of my opening lines is always that people have three major fears. The first one is the fear of death, the second is the fear of speaking in public. The third is the fear of dying while speaking in public!

Never let the fear of death reduce you into a shadow of death yourself. It is better to die while pursuing something worthwhile, than to live a life which is nothing more than a daily rehearsal of death. To die while you are living is to expire too soon.

Do what you fear and see if will still be alive. Some people will never travel far, because they are afraid they will be lost and will lose relevance and cultural touch. Some people will never attempt something big because they fear they will fail and everyone will congregate at their house for a laughter party.

It is better to fail having attempted something big, than to succeed at allowing fear to be your master. Some people will never dream big because they are afraid they will just be frustrated and their dreams will never happen. Refuse to be a slave of fear, a cousin of fear or its sibling.

What would you do if you were not afraid? There is no heroism in cowardice and there is no pride in doing nothing. There is no growth that comes to those hiding their talents, ideas and dreams in the shroud of fear.

You may feel justified in your fears, but rest assured posterity will not absolve your of your irresponsibility. The fear of falling off and being embarrassed or injured may look real. Twenty years from now will you be so proud that you were such a fearful wimp that could not dare anything, believe anything or attempt anything? Come to the edge and you will learn how to fly. Come to the edge and you will do what you have never done. You can never be anything you have never been before if you are always doing what you have done. You will never fly if you are so obsessed with walking on firm ground.

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo

Milton is a cutting edge workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, author. With excellence in strategy facilitation, innovation and trainer for leading companies, he has worked with clients in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, South Africa, Namibia, Sudan, Malawi, South Sudan, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and UK.

Since 2005, set up Innov8 Bookshop. A growing bookshop network that is leading and raising retail standards in the Zimbabwe market.

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