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Entrepreneur on Fire: Meet financial markets and ICT genius Samuelle Dimairho



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By Phillip Chichoni


Samuelle Dimairho Photo: www.auragrp.com

Samuelle Dimairho
Photo: http://www.auragrp.com

When he was 17 years old he started working on a project to simplify trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. At that age he was an upcoming stock investor, having started buying shares at fifteen while still attending high school at Prince Edward. No he was not a rich young kid; in fact his parents, father a headmaster and an entrepreneur, mother an accountant, were struggling to provide for their five children during those hyperinflation days. Samuelle did part-time accounting jobs during school holidays and started the habit of saving and investing.

A great influence to his interest in financial markets was the books and journals his father gave him regularly to read. He started attending Annual General Meetings of companies, as well going to see trading sessions at the ZSE. That is when he noticed that the local exchange’s manual trading system was way behind international standards.

The idea of an automated share trading system fascinated him then and he could see that it would bring transparency and convenience to traders.

In 2008, after his ordinary levels, Samuelle began to seriously work on making the automated trading system a reality. He worked hard to develop partnerships, look for finance and present a proposal to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe, which had been tasked to set up a Central Securities Depository.

His team bid and won the tender in 2010 and Chengetedzai Depository Company was given the mandate to automate the share trading system at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

What drove him? His father provided him with financial reading materials and his mother motivated him and prayed with him to pursue his dreams.

Hardworking and results driven, Samuelle demonstrated the potential to grow and become a global corporate leader from a young age.

Apart from founding Chengetedzai Depository Company, where he is still a shareholder with a seat on the board, Samuelle also worked at Chartered Systems Integration as business development director since 2009, helping the firm to win 5 prestigious awards from Microsoft as well as from the Zimbabwean Ministry of ICT. For 5 years at CSI, Samuelle oversaw implementation of 30 IT projects in Southern Africa.

Samuelle then co-founded Aura Group in 2013. This is a pan-African ICT services and solutions company, where he remains as business development director to date.

Samuelle is a holder of the ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business, and is in the final stages of completing a BSc. (Hon) in Applied Accounting as well as the professional stage of ACCA.


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