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Keep your sight on the grand prize, not on the ground



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imrs.php“Being right doesn’t mean you win. You win by establishing credibility, a relationship, and trust.”  @davidbrock


When Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez bit Italian Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder during the final game of their Group stage on Tuesday, most people cried foul. The Italian players protested. The referee did nothing because he didn’t see it. Instead one of Italian officials got himself sent off to the terraces for disturbing the game. During the confusion and protesting, Diego Godin of Uruguay scored. That became the decider and the South Americans sent the Europeans packing for the next flight to Rome.

Whether or not Suarez bit Chiellini is secondary; the primary issue is Uruguay won the game. In our tough economic situation, there are many distractions to running a business smoothly. Each day there are distractions in one form or another: customers failing to pay, competitors cutting prices, cheap imports taking over your market and not even talking of the general liquidity crisis and erratic utility supplies. You are getting bitten everywhere.

Your survival and growth are entirely dependent on your action, or reactions to the biting. If you allow the bites to distract, you will lose.

Our minds have extraordinary capabilities, if we allow them to think without focusing on the distractions. People faced with a great mission will summon extraordinary strengths to make sure the mission gets accomplished. When President Kennedy challenged NASA to develop a rocket that will send a man to the moon before the Russians, who had just landed a dog on the moon, every employee worked hard and for long hours to make sure the mission impossible was accomplished. With a great sense of mission by everyone, it was indeed accomplished.

A sense of mission will drive your business. You need to know what prize you are playing for. If it is a worthy enough goal for you, you will do whatever it takes to reach it. You will make one more call to a prospect, write one more proposal, attend one more networking event, write one more article for your blog, invite one more client for coffee, read one more book on improving your business, anything that will help to grow you business. Success comes, not from inborn qualities but from a “growth” mind-set that connects achievement to continuous learning and persistence.

You just need to avoid being distracted by external events. If you keep on looking at the ground you will see lots of potholes and thorns. But if you focus your sight on the grand prize, you will stay on track and go on to grab it.

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