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The wisest investment you will ever make



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donald trumo quote24Appearing on the David Letterman television show a while back, billionaire property investor Donald Trump was asked:

“What would you do if you lost everything and had to start over from scratch?”

Donald Trump replied without hesitation: “I would find a good network marketing company and get to work.”

The audience laughed, shouted and booed him.

Donald Trump then said: “That is why I am sitting up here and you are all sitting out there.”

If you are working for a company or any organization, you have a guaranteed income. That is until you are laid off or fired.

If you are running a business, there is always the risk of business failure for one reason or another. So everyone needs a plan B.

Real estate is probably the safest investment, if it can generate income for you. So a house you live in is not an asset if it cannot generate income.

Most successful entrepreneurs are good at selling. That is why they are able to sell ideas to financiers, products and services to customers and jobs to talented people. They can also easily convince others to partner with them or to invest in their business.

It is all about selling and selling is a skill that can be learned. Some people don’t like network marketing because they despise being labeled as sales people.

On the other hand most successful people love network marketing. This is because of the skills that are taught by good networking marketing organizations. Members are extensively taught the skills of prospecting and selling and are conditioned with the qualities of persistence, self confidence and positive mindedness. Once acquired, these qualities are enduring and will last a lifetime. They will help one to make money in whatever environment.

Learning the skill of selling is an investment that will serve you even when you lose a job or if your business goes belly-up. So, what would you do if you lose everything and have to start afresh today?

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