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Prepare yourself for winning



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By Phil Chichoni

Who said it cannot be done? It was a blockbuster on Monday night. The football match pitched the two most expensively assembled teams in the Barclays English League, Manchester City and Chelsea Football Club.  A commentator said the value of the players on the pitch were worth over 640 million pounds sterling!

The favourites to win were the giants of the moment, Manchester City, who had lost only once at home since the start of the season and had destroyed giants like Arsenal, Manchester and Liverpool, some by frightening  margins.

However the result stunned most expectations. Chelsea’s single goal sealed the match.  City failed to score at home for the first time since 2010, having scored 115 goals in 37 games this season (an average of over 3 goals per game). The result ended an 11-match winning run at their home stadium.

Building a business is the ultimate thriller. Unlike a football match where the losing team just fails to get a trophy but still get paid, failure in business costs a lot, in money and wasted time. It is well known that many businesses fail before they get to five years. But who says you cannot win?

The following tips will help you prepare to win and beat the high odds of failure in entrepreneurship.BlueOneGIF File

a)     Build a powerful support system. Starting a business is a solo journey. It is very easy to get disappointed and give up when the going gets tough and slow. To succeed you need to have a few people to hold you up. The most useful are people who have already been in business for sometime. These are the people you can bounce ideas off to, who can point out where you are going wrong and generally encourage you. That is the reason sports teams owners pay fortunes to coaches. Without a support system you will struggle to succeed.

b)    Expect a rocky ride. Before Monday’s game,  Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho told the media that Chelsea had no chance of beating Man City at their home. He prepared supporters for the worst while psyching his team up to beat the odds. In business, expect to work hard for a long time. Be prepared to recover quickly when you fail. This way you will not give up easily but will fight until you win.

c)      Bring the best people together. As your business grows, you will not be able to do everything yourself. Just as a sports coach needs a team of assistants, you also need people to help you in building a great business.  Seek out the most talented and hard-working people possible, and keep them happy. Remember that your business will be only as good as its people.

d)    Read a little every day. Jose Mourinho and other coaches watch videos of other teams’ games and the read the sports papers to learn new developments in their field. You should take time to read business related articles in newspapers and magazines daily so as to keep up with latest developments in your industry and in business in general. Read motivating materials to keep yourself positive minded.

It is a tough world out there but someone has got to make things happen.  If you believe you won’t fail then you will win.

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Phillip Chichoni Phillip Chichoni is a business development consultant, trainer and author. His books include Business Planning Simplified and High Impact Low Cost Marketing Strategies for SMEs. You can contact him by email, chichonip@smebusinesslink.com or phone +263 777 774 007 for all your business planning, company registration, tax clearance and accounting services.  http://smebusinesslink.com

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