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By Phillip Chichoni


Popular movie actor and star of the Fast and Furious series, Paul Walker, died on Saturday in a car crash. Police suspect his powerful Porsche GT crashed after the driver lost control at high speed. The car is capable of speeds of up to340 km/hr, a speed at which one can easily lose control of any vehicle.

In life there are things we can control and things we cannot control.  You cannot control the weather but you can control your driving speed. You cannot control the economy, the market or the competition. But you can control the most important thing which determines you success and failure- your mind.

We become what we think about a lot. We can control our thoughts. Dwelling our thoughts on problems, lack of money or electricity and water cuts tires our minds and makes us miserable. When we are miserable, it is difficult for people to like us and to want to do business with us. Successful and happy people are likeable because they are always thinking of solutions and not problems. They focus on the positive things and not on the negative. This is what fuels their success and happiness. They don’t allow circumstances beyond their control to control their life. Being in control is choosing to focus on positive thoughts and keeping yourself motivated.

People who are in control set goals for success and make plans for achieving those goals. Then they work hard to implement their plans. Of course failure happens a lot on the road to success. If you are in control, you will get up quickly when you fall, smile and try again. If you think you will succeed then you will go on and succeed, no matter what it takes.

So, which of your goals for 2013 did you accomplish?

If you didn’t set any goals, start now and set your important goals for 2014. Write them down. Make plans for achieving them. Always be moving ahead. Yu don’t have to make dramatic moves. It is the small steps that you take daily which will result in long term success.

Stay in control of your thoughts, they control your actions and the results you get in life.

Until next week, keep on accelerating your growth.

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