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BusinessLink Newsletter 25 September 2013

 By Phil Chichoni


Blackberry maker, RIM of Canada, is shedding thousands of jobs after running a billion dollar loss. Nokia phones division has been acquired by Microsoft after failing to keep up in the mobile phones war. Plunging global mineral prices are forcing many South African mining firms to scale down or close. In Zimbabwe, ZESA loading shedding continues scuttling industrial and economic recovery. Liquidity crisis is putting many firms’ viability at risk.

Wherever your look, there is no shortage of bad news.  If you are in business you know it is war out there. For entrepreneurs, crisp thinking is needed if one wants to thrive in the war zone. It is easy to get distracted and become bogged down by the problems and stresses.

It is said that 95% of the people are thinking of problems. The other 5% are all entrepreneurs, thinking of solutions. In which group are you?

Entrepreneurs need to stay focused on their mission, their goals and objectives. Don’t spend too much of your time reading, watching or discussing bad news. It is a distraction and consumes your energy without any productivity. Focus on growing your business, improving your products and services and giving more value to your customers.

Distractions lead to inaction, which slows down your progress on the road to success.

Learn to put first things first. In the eBook “Living the Seven Habits”, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Stephen Covey urges people who want to be effective to learn to “Make the main thing the main thing.” This means in all the choices we face and the decision we have to make daily, the most important things are put first. That means knowing your priorities and putting those first. This requires a clear mind and crisp thinking amid all the distractions.

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Best wishes in accelerating your growth.

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PS: The BusinessLink CEOs luncheon is on Friday 4th of October with the Managing Director of Steward Bank, Mr Ngwenya. If you are a CEO of a growing company interested in attending and have not received an invitation by Friday 27 September, please send me an email.


1 Comment

  1. There’s enough problems and bad news but there is not enough innovators and thinkers.
    We need to setup positivity support teams to help the people wean themselves of the eye for negatives

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