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Simple Ways to motivate your employees



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By Buhle Taodzera


Cust BuhleMany Managers struggle to keep their subordinates motivated and willing to work harder. Traditional methods rely on financial incentives which can be quite costly for the company. Below are a few simple ways to improve staff motivation without breaking the bank.

1. Celebrate people: Celebrate birthdays, long service and any other events like the birth of a child for your employees. This will make them feel valued and appreciated.

2. Celebrate good performance: Having employee of the week/month/ year initiatives as well as celebrating when employees exceed their target or there is a jump in profits helps by giving employees feedback about individual and overall company performance as well as recognising the role they played in it. You can compose a group email to all staff applauding a certain employee’s good performance. It is important to be specific when doing this so that the employee and his counterparts know exactly what action or behaviour led to the good results. This is a good way of enforcing positive reinforcement.

3. Allow employees to air their views: Have regular staff meetings where employees are able to give suggestions, comments and ideas. This gives your employees a feeling of being heard and valued.

4. Increase your employee’s level of responsibility: Give employees autonomy in doing their job and also increase job responsibility levels to improve motivation. For example, an employee in charge of research for articles may be assigned the responsibility of writing an article himself. This will motivate him/her to get the job done on time every time as there is a sense of recognition and a feeling that “the boss thinks I have the capability”. He/she will therefore try to live up to the expectations you have set for him.

5. Offer support during hard times: When an employee is going through bereavement/hospitalization or a difficult personal time, taking the time to visit will make him/her feel loved and will increase his/her loyalty and performance levels. Sometimes, a small financial gift, a gift of flowers or a card can make a huge difference to your staff turnover levels.

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