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By Phillip Chichoni


The year is half-way gone. Are you on target to meeting your goals for 2013?

I was going through my list of goals that I wanted to accomplish this year, which I wrote down in January. Some are on track, with a few ahead of schedule. Others are behind, as I am only human. A few I have discarded.

I’m happy that we managed to get BusinessLink magazine out in print, albeit a month behind schedule and after a hard struggle. I want to keep on improving it and make it the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs by year end.

Some people have no idea whether or not they are on track, because they did not plan for the year in the first place. These I would guess are way behind their goals, because failing to plan is planning to fail. But it’s not too late to plan anyway. Taking a day or two to take stock and set a plan of action for the rest of the year will really boost your accomplishments come year end.  (You will find a number of business and strategic planning guides on my website http://smebusinesslink.com)


Now, here are few things you can do today (and regularly afterwards) to boost yourself and your business and accelerate your growth to make the rest of your 2013 remarkable.


a)      Learn at least one new skill. Successful entrepreneurs never stop learning. Learning means growing. Sometimes as we grow older we become reluctant to learn new things, thus failing to move with technology and better ways of doing business.   It may take many hours to master a new skill, but if you don’t start now you may never get there.

b)      Inspire someone. The times we are living in a full of stress and uncertainty. We all can do with more support from others. However, by supporting others who are struggling and floundering, you will get more inspired in the process. You will feel good about moving someone from mediocrity to excellence and their accomplishment will be a source of shared pride.

c)       Connect with one new major person. We all have areas we are not very strong in. If you are the technical person you might lack financial skills. Accelerate your growth by adding to your circle at least one person with a skill that is essential to your personal and business development. You can add the person as an employee, an advisor / consultant or to your board of directors.  You will accomplish more with a good team.

d)      Take at least one risk. All transactions are risky, that is why we are cautious when it comes to new things. But by becoming comfortable with the norm, we may fail to advance beyond the ordinary. Experiment with some processes of your business, be it production, marketing or distribution. You may unlock some improvements that could propel your business forward.

e)      Eliminate at least one useless habit.  We all have daily activities that are inefficient and unnecessary. These could be personal habits or practices within the company. Because they are now habits, they barely register in your mind. To discover them you need to sit down with colleagues and have a head to head. You will be surprised at some of the habits you do or policies you maintain at the company which are really useless.

f)       Overcome at least one weakness. We all have weaknesses.  Some have the potential to derail our journey to success. Things like ineffective communication, fear of public speaking, inability to manage conflict or to deal with criticism and financial indiscipline. If not checked and overcome, these weaknesses can be an obstacle to your goals for the rest of the year. Ask your trusted colleagues and also assess yourself to identify your weaknesses so you can overcome them and accelerate your growth.


Phillip Chichoni is the author of books including “Business Planning Simplified” and “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in Zimbabwe”. He is also the founder of SME BusinessLink Network, and publisher of BusinessLink Magazine. Email chichonip@smebusinesslink.com.





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a)      12 Issues of BusinessLink magazine

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Or Buy a copy of the magazine for $2.00 and choose either the Business Starter Pack eBooks CD or the audio books DVD.

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