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BUSINESSLINK NEWSLETTER 19 JUNE 2013: Nigel’s secret to success: Answer Quiz and win: Don’t miss breakfast meeting on 26 June;



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Nigel’s secret to success

By Phillip Chichoni

“So began the dream, over eighteen years ago”. Nigel Chanakira spoke about Nigelhis entrepreneurial career at one of the BusinessLink networking breakfast meetings early this year.  His initial dream when he was a kid was to drive a taxi cab. He could imagine himself sitting in the car driving all over the city the whole day and he thought it was exciting.

When he told his mother about that dream if his life, she slapped him told him it was too small. Urged t think of a bigger dream he decided that he wanted to build a bank.  Again his other ridiculed him, asking to choose what type of a job he would like to do in a bank.

Nigel was determined. He said he wanted to start his own bank in Zimbabwe. He wondered and asked and researched about how successful bankers like JP Morgan and the Barclay brothers had started. He studied economics and then money and banking at a higher level. He then got a job in a bank in order to learn the practical side of running a bank. He had a business plan, an elaborate one like ones Zimbabweans are good at writing but which are unrealistic. After enrolling for an entrepreneurial development course at Empretec, he managed to understand the reality of business plan and went to create a more realistic plan.

Realizing that the world of business in no smooth sailing began to look for a mentor t help him build a successful business and also to get up when he fell down. That mentor was P J Meyers, the creator of the Success Motivation International program.

Eighteen years later, the would be taxi driver has built, bought and sold numerous businesses and is a multi-millionaire.

One thing that Nigel said is important if you want to achieve real success is to have dynamic goals. Success is the realization of pre-determined goals. And success can only be proven by results, not just by planning and talking.

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Answer the two questions below and you could win  one year Silver Club subscription which entitles you to 12 issue on BusinessLink magazine plus free entrance to next week’s networking breakfast meeting.

  1. Complete the following quote: “If you wan to make your dreams comes true………….” (Clue page 26 of the magazine)
  2. List 5 benefits of BusinessLink Siler Club membership.

Please email your answers to marketing@smebusinesslink.com

The winner will be selected randomly from correct entries and will be announced on Friday June on our website.

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