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NEWSLETTER NO 17: 5-11 June 2013

2 Sentences That Engage Customers

indexBy Phillip Chichoni


To get customers interested in what you’re selling, don’t make your sales message about you.

You might be have developed a brilliant service or spectacular product. The truth, however, is that customers don’t care about your company. They don’t care about its products. And they certainly don’t care about your personal feelings towards your company and its products.

What customers care about is… themselves.

Many businesses fail to sell as much as they desire because they fail to understand this fact about people.

Look at marketing messages in advertisements. In almost every case, these messages are all about the seller and the products being sold. They leave it up the customer’s imagination to figure out “what does all of this mean to ME?”

Which leads us to the two sentences that are the most important to your customers and prospective customers:

“Our clients hire us to provide [benefit(s) to the client.]”

“They hire us, rather than somebody else, because [something unique that the competition doesn’t have but the customer values.]”

Notice that both of these sentences position you, the seller, as a catalyst that helps the customer achieve the customer’s goals, and then positions your firm as only catalyst that can do the job right. Here is an example:

Example 2:


“Several years ago, BusinessLink saw a problem in the SME sector: that new business owners were struggling to acquire enough good quality clients. And as a result, many hardworking business owners were unable to grow their businesses to sustainable and profitable levels in the time they wanted to.  Many closed down. BusinessLink is built to specifically address this industry problem–we help buyers and sellers alike meet and do business.


“Entrepreneurs join BusinessLink to network and meet new customers  We can help them bring their message across so as to attract the right audience of customers who are willing and ready to buy.”

Can you see the difference? The original messages force the customer to figure out what it all means to the customer. The second message expresses what’s being provided from the customer’s viewpoint.

In other words, to engage customers in a conversation about the possibility of hiring your firm make the message about the CUSTOMER rather than about YOU.

Feedback to chichonip@smebusinesslink.com


The June issue of BusinessLink magazine is now out.

It is jam packed with business insights to help you build a successful, sustainable and profitable enterprise.

Inside the June issue:

  • Live your life with passion and accelerate your growth
  • Conversation with Marah Hativagone: How she turned a small project into a big business
  • How to choose the right legal structure for your business
  • How to build an Online “Cult” of Customers
  • Before You Spend: A small Business Guide to Technology
  • How to Use Facebook Pages for Viral Marketing
  • Making Money Online: Your Guide for Viral Marketing
  • Funding a New Business: Where Do You Start?
  • How to Write a Funding Proposal

The magazine is available at Crayseal Trading (Pvt) Ltd, 5th Floor Hungwe House, Jason Moyo Street, between 1st and 2nd Street, Harare. Ask for Lloyd 0772 321 932 if you cannot find it. Price is $5 for single copies.

You save 50% by subscribing to the Silver Club for only $30 for 12 months. To subscribe  please go to http://smebusinesslink.com.

We are now accepting adverts for the July issue. Classifieds are only $10 for twenty words, other rates are available on request, email marketing@smebusinessink.com or call Christine on 0772 854 301.

We want to feature your businesses and your products or services. Please email your stories and photos to chichonip@smebusinesslink.com.

Closing date for material submissions for the July issue in 14 June., so get in touch now!


We will give you commission for each new subscriber you introduce to BusinessLink as follows:

Silver Club price $30. Commission 10% = $3.00. Refer ten people and you recover you subscription.

Gold Club price $100. Commission 15% = $15.00. Refer 7 people and you recover your subscription.

Platinum Club price $250. Commission 20% =$50.00. Refer 5 people and you recover your subscription.

When the person you refer also refers someone else, they get a similar commission, while you get 50% of that commission.

The more people you refer who join, the more you will earn.

You must be a BusinessLink subscriber in order to enjoy this service.

The benefits of each Club and the subscription form are available here.


Make money by referring clients to the BusinessLink Community affiliate suppliers and service providers.  The services currently being offered include:

  • New company registration/ shelf companies. Price $280, commission $15
  • Company secretarial services / returns.  Price, $35 commission $5.
  • Business plan.  Price $150, commission $15.
  • Graphic design. Price starts from $25, commission $5.
  • Tax registration. TBA.
  • Tax clearance. TBA.
  • Website design. TBA.
  • Tender Board registration. TBA
  • Patent and Trade Mark registration. TBA
  • Other services and products TBA.

If you know a client who needs any of these services, ask them to complete the BUSINESS SERVICE / PRODUCT REQUEST here.


Affiliates conditions and requirements:

  • Must be a paid up BusinessLink Gold or Platinum Club subscriber. (Gold can apply for a single product or service, Platinum is eligible for multiple products or services)
  • Must be a registered business, with appropriate qualifications and experience
  • Must be willing to abide to the highest standards and business ethics.
  • There will be one affiliate for each service in each geographical location, e.g. Harare, Bulawayo, Chinhoyi etc.
  • Customers will be passed on to each affiliate in their geographical location
  • Specific arrangements for payments will be made between each affiliate and BUSINESSLINK.

To apply as an affiliate, please email your business profile, indicating your specific product or service, your location and fees / prices for your services or products to chichonip@smebusinesslink.com.

Please call Phil on 0777 774 007 if you have any questions.

BusinessLink Community will market all services and products so that all affiliates get more business and value for their investment.

Commissions are paid at the end of each month for all business underwritten during the calendar month.

Money back guarantee: if any subscriber or affiliate is not satisfied or wants to quit at any time, BUSINESSLINK will refund the unused portion of the subscription fee.

Quick business idea

Virtual bookkeeping services

Hiring  bookkeepers on a consultancy basis is becoming the best option for most businesses as they look to cut costs.

If you are a bookkeeper and are efficient, a bookkeeping business could be ideal for you. T work effectively you will need bookkeeping software, a computer and a printer. Determine your area of expertise. For example, you can choose to specialize in doing payrolls or assisting companies in maintaining their tax documents.

Make businesses aware of your services through networking. Distribute flyers and be sure to have a visible presence on the internet. Join forums and networks to showcase your business.



By Godfrey Wasara

Buying is a key function in your organization which has to be properly managed. The function ultimately determines the quality of goods you are going to sell and the price at which you are going to sell for. To remain competitive on the market place, buying function must never be compromised. The value your customers derive from the transaction will very much determine the future relationship.

Who does the Buying?

It is the Buyer. This person must above all be honest and not prone to be corrupted. He must be familiar with the industry and must have both academic and professional qualifications which will always enhance tactical decision making.

What documents does he come in contact with?

  • Internally generated Purchases Requisition
  • Suppliers’ quotations
  • Order generated by him

The Buying Procedure

  • . Receive purchases requisition from internal customers
  • . Source for quotations from reliable suppliers (at least 3 at most 5)
  • . Negotiate favorable prices and terms with suppliers without compromising quality
  • . List received quotations on a quote comparison form
  • . Decides on the most economic supplier basing on available facts
  • . Raise the order and get it signed by someone superior to the Buyer and advise on choice
  • . Dispatch order to supplier
  • . Do follow ups until goods are delivered
  • . Pass copy orders to relevant sections/departments

Buyer must never be allowed to:

1. Authorize the order

2. Buy on the strength of one quotation

3. Receive goods he has ordered

4. Compromise on quality of goods

5. Get acquainted to regulars suppliers

Visit our Facebook page: Godane Business Conventions

Godfrey Wasara


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