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Call Your Things this April!



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By Milton Kamwendo

miltonTo believe in and bank on luck is to waste emotional resources. Things do not just merely pop up and come into existence. They are called into existence.

You have to take responsibility if anything is to change. Your words have shaped your life, and they will continue to.

People ram into problems because they are mindless callers who call things without being aware they are calling.

Picture this in this way: It’s like having a dog with a name like “Broke.” So every time you shout across your fence to your neighbour exclaiming that you are broke, the dog turns up.

So how do you call things into existence? You are already getting the idea of the power of words. You can use them against you or to create your dreams.

Fixed desire

Desire is powerful. Fixed and crystallized desire is even more powerful. Be clear about what you want. Many people are clear about what they do not want; therefore they get what they do not want. The image that you hold on the clipboard of your mind is the mould of what will be called into your life. Fix your mind on what you want and you are likely to have it.

Words call out

Take care of the words that you use, they are an expression of your desire and call things into your life. When you complain you are calling negative things into your life. Complaining is not a blessing neither is it a strength, its toxic behaviour. It’s calling out wolves by name into your life and wondering why you are being hounded by problems.

Speak positively and speak only the things that you want. If you speak like a fool you will keep wondering why you are where you are, having what you have and your life is not changing despite all your good wishes and noble intentions.

Make a point this April: don’t complain, just compliment. Don’t criticize, just bless and commend. Carry all the good words you know to everyone you know. Talk about your goals and not why things are not happening.

As you go through the days and the weeks, share with me your story of words in action on Twitter or this email.

My twitter handle is: @MiltonKamwendo. Call your things to you. Speak to your greatness.

Committed to your greatness.

Milton Kamwendo

Visit Motivated for Greatness at:


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