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Screw it. Just start something!



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challenge green2I was re-reading Richard Branson’s book by the title “Screw it. Just Do It” and it reminded me of a group of three young men who approached me needing help with a business plan three months ago. These guys were very enthusiastic about starting a business but they had not decided what exactly they wanted to do. I gave them a copy of my book “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in Zimbabwe” to guide them.

I met one of the young men last week and asked him how they were making progress in their new business. Alas, the young man told me, they had not yet started. They had so many ideas that they were exploring but were still to decide on the best one. This a trap I see holding back too many potential entrepreneurs.

If you haven’t Richard Branson’s book, I urge you to get hold of a copy now and start learning about importance of taking action. When he decided to start his new venture, Richard didn’t wait, he left school as soon as he decided to seriously pursue his business idea. And he was only 15!

Richard wasn’t reckless, he was just determined to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are risk takers. They don’t waste too much time analyzing and debating, they just get on with it.

“What I fail?”, you many ask. Well, failing is one of those things entrepreneurs meet on their way to success. If you fail, just pick yourself up and try again. But don’t forget to learn from failure and do things differently next time. If you are determined enough, you will succeed because of all those things you learned while failing.

I challenge you, especially the young people, to start something right now. At BusinessLink, we love to see entrepreneurs in action. To support you, we are continuously producing resources to help you turn your ideas into real businesses. On Saturday 30 March, 2013, we are going to host a symposium for young entrepreneurs with the theme “Screw it. Just start something.” If you would like to take part visit the Young Entrepreneurs Club page at my website shown at the bottom of this article and complete the application form.

Phillip Chichoni is a business planning consultant and accountant who works with SMEs and new entrepreneurs and also publisher of the BusinessLink Magazine. His book “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in Zimbabwe” is available for free downloading at http://smebusinesslink.com where you can also subscribe to his free newsletter. His email is chichonip@smebusinesslink.com



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