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See your 1 year goal clearly in your mind



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brendan and sally

By Brendan and Sally Palmer


It is so important in business to have FOCUS and to know where you are going all of the time.  Too many of us, well…..about 95% of us spend our lives performing acts of randomness as we go through life.

By having a clear 1 year goal all the time clearly in your mind you will always know what you should be doing and will start actively taking steps both consciously and subconsciously towards that goal.

Don’t spend another day undirected.

It is very important that you get a clear picture of your 1 year goal.  Here are 5 steps to getting a clear 1 year goal:

1.Think carefully about what you want to achieve 1 year from today.  Close your eyes and picture yourself having already achieved this goal in as much detail as possible.  If you are not sure what you want to achieve, force yourself to sit down and think about it.  Get clarity on where you are going and get a clear picture of it.  Your goal may be to make more money, to be more happy, to double your business, to get married, to be healthier etc.

2.Once you have a clear picture of yourself 1 year from today, you need to write down a 1 line sentence that describes your goal.  This sentence must be specific and measurable not vague.  Rather say….”I want to have $100,000 saved by Date” rather than “I want to have more money”

3.Once you have decided on your goal phrase, write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on the mirror on your bathroom! (or on the back of your toilet door)

4.Every day, read your goal and picture yourself already having achieved this goal clearly in your mind.  This process is really important as it will help you focus your thoughts and actions for the day in line with this mental picture.

5.Whenever you get stressed, flustered, confused or overwhelmed, remember your 1 year goal and get excited!!

We hope this week’s tip serves you

Until next week…

Be Cool ! Be Great ! Be Alive !

Brendan and Sally



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