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You need to identify the success you really want



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Last week we had the honour of listening to and conversing with one of Zimbabwe’s most successful entrepreneurs, Nigel Chanakira, at the BusinessLink Networking Breakfast meeting. The question that usually comes first when you meet a truly successful entrepreneur is “How did you do it?”

We all want to know the secret formula. Well, fortunate enough, most honest successful entrepreneurs are willing to share their knowledge and Nigel did right that.

The most important thing I learned from him last week was that he defined the success he wanted while still very young. Telling his mother that he wanted to build a bank when grew up only drew laughter, with comments like “Don’t you mean to say you want to work in a bank?”

According to Nigel, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life,  and that was to succeed. Knowing that he wanted to build successful bank, he learned a lot about banking and finance, found a job in a good bank and used the working experience to acquire the knowledge he needed on how to run a bank. At one time, Kingdom bank became the biggest company by capitalization at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. And we all know about the well publicized vision to have the bank listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

One of the reasons why we delay or fail to succeed is because we cannot define the success we want. We cannot define it, but we assume we will know it when we attain it. But without taking time to think long and hard about it we will miss the opportunities that come our way daily. You know, fortune favours the prepared mind; if you are not ready to grab opportunities that will help your desired future, they will pass you by.

A useful method of defining your desired success in business is to hold a strategy session with  your top team. Many entrepreneurs have found my book “Developing a Three Step Strategic Plan to Grow Your Business, very useful in identifying the success they want and mapping the right strategy.

You should stop thinking that success will just happen without any thinking and planning, you need to take action. You will find details of stockists of the book on the last page of this newsletter and on our website, so get a copy right now. You can also get the DVD of the Breakfast meeting from Thursday and let the story of the successful inspire you.

Please email feedback to chichonip@smebusinesslink.com.

Subscribe to the free weekly BusinessLink Newsletter by clicking here


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  1. trust nzuma says:

    i have found your articles very useful to me. i want to be a successful enterpreneur in the security industry but starting finance ìs a threat. help me.

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