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Time management is essential for success in life and business



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By Phil Chichoni

“Bill Gates has the same 24 hours each day as you and I, but he has achieved millions of times more success in business than the average you and me.”

At last week’s BusinessLink Networking breakfast meeting at the ZimCafe, Brendan Palmer, a co-developer at Sabre Businessworld , spoke about he and his wife Sally decided that enough was enough in a life of mediocrity and undertook to study and research what makes some people succeed in life and business. One of the key factors for success is time management.

Brendan Palmer making his presentation

We all have 24 hours in a day. We all work for eight hour each day. And each one of us needs seven hours of sleep every night. Taking off the hour needed to travel to and from work, have lunch etc, we have eight hours left. How one uses that spare eight hours make the huge difference between success and mediocrity.

What do you do in the free eight hours of your day?

The majority of people spend that time watching television, listening to music, reading novels or magazines, talking with friends, in the pub, clubbing or just relaxing. These are not bad ways for spending your spare time; once you have reached the level of success that you desire.

This needs you to learn to manage your time. Brendan and Sally gave participants at the event a “Daily Routine Guideline for Success”.

It goes as follows:

0500-0530- Wake up

0530-0600- Study / Learn

0600-0630- Exercise

0630-0700- Batch etc

0700-0730- Meet with self and breakfast

0730-0800- Travel to work

0800-1200- Work- Protect your morning

1200-1300- Schedule interruptions

1300-1400- Lunch break

1400-1700- Work- Have meetings, attend to emails etc

1700-1730- Travel home from work

1730-2100- Kids/family time/relax/dinner

Such a routine needs self-discipline if you are going to stick to it and get positive results. According to Anthony Robbins in “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful people”, it takes 21 days of doing something

daily for it to become a habit. Once something becomes a habit, doing it becomes so easy, almost like second nature.

If we learn to do the things that will lead to our success, we will achieve our dreams.

Find out more information and tips for success from Brendan and Sally on their website www.sabreworld.com.

Don’t miss this month’s breakfast meeting, which will be on Thursday 24 May 2012 (because Friday is a public holiday). The event is normally held on the last Friday of each month.

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