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Why indigenous Zimbabweans youths cannot build really successful and sustainable businesses



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Reason 1

They learned from the worst

The youths of today grew up in the worst period of Zimbabwe’s economic history. Very few business people were operating legally and straight. Shortages meant that customers were desperate and accepted b…s… service from businesses. Greed, selfishness and desire for a quick buck drove most business decisions. What could kids learn from that?

I have dealt with many indigenous business owners. They don’t know about customer service, quality control, efficiency of service delivery or after sales service. They have no values, no business culture or ethics. Are they willing to learn all the basic principles of successful business management?

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  1. Charlie says:

    Not all of us fall into this bracket.Some of us are working so hard, distributing quality products and services.We are only limited by resources,and the resources available for Youths seem to be benefitting the same people all the time.

  2. Brian says:

    Its not all of us who cant run businesses properly.but what is happening is that some of us youths who can run businesses cant get resorces to start.but you find other youths with no intrest in business getting resources which use to bling

  3. Rutendo Calton says:

    these are very true thoughts but we have to do something now to end that in our youths especially giving knowledge to them.the business environment is changing day by day.

  4. Well, as is well known entrepreneurs are risk takers. But not only are they that, but they are people who have a sixth sense of seeing opportunities in an environment and go for it. They are motivated by success rather than money. They crave to challenge the status quo. They are people who seek better ways of doing things, better products and services.
    The environment which was in Zimbabwe needed entrepreneurs who could adapt to it and thrive, lets not classify those who just copy-and-paste as entrepreneurs. they are people who just want to make a living with money being the driver for them.
    I believe that money is a bi-product of success. The Zim situation for me provided me with an opportunity to get into business, with less to invest as the cost of investment right now is lesser than it would be 5-10yrs to come. As an entrepreneur, i saw that the poor quality products which, even reputable companies were supplying, gave me a chance to launch a product which was easily seen as a quality product. Infact, it competes on a par with imported Top of the range SA products.
    My only advantage was that i invested a lot in getting knowledge, i stood by my belief of quality rather than quantity. I wanted to distinguish myself and my products from those which were dominating.
    the major challenge which is being faced by many youth is that of a supportive financial sector, guidance and exposure. Many youths do not have access to the funds provided by banks. The Min of Youth, is trying but the funds are little. Also, those with good ideas don’t have access or are given the same platform as everyone else. All youth are seen as people who want to start projects rather than institutions. they are given a short period to pay back leading them to undercut somewhere. If they is support available, good business youth will be seen. As is known right now, those with money to invest want their returns as soon as yesterday, this doesn’t tally with establishing a proper business which takes time to build.
    What is mentioned above, is true but doesn’t apply to real entrepreneurs. What kids can learn from that is that, there is plenty of opportunity to start a business which is customer and consumer oriented.
    My comment is longer than i intended, i only wanted to present what the environment mean to a real entrepreneur.

  5. Joel Maweni says:

    I agree with the notion that youth have learned from the worst and are still learning from the worst. There is an entitlement disease in our business environment and it moves us from one sector to another, empowered by ill thought regulations. My solution will be to have a business umbrella organization that incubates start up business, providing mentor ship programs that minimize risk. The incubators can also provide basic administrative and marketing services at low cost to the start up. I am sure this will increase the rate of success of these businesses . the incubator can actually start an exchange that values these business and open it up to local and regional Venture capitalist who might want to invest in the growth of these businesses. The key is finding business people who are ethical,competent and willing to help young minds and i suggest looking beyond borders for Zimbabweans who have done well and would like to partner with such an initiative.

  6. I enjoy looking through a post that will make
    people think. Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

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