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Young Entrepreneurs Club launches on 12 January 2012



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The Young Entrepreneurs Club will be officially launched next week Thursday the 12th of January, at Maranatha School in Tynwald, Harare. The Club is an initiative of the BusinessLink team and with the support of school and college heads should roll out country-wide in the next few months.
The purpose of the Club is to motivate young people to pursue entrepreneurship and empower them with essential skills and mentorship to help them start and grow profitable businesses. Membership is open to all students at high schools and colleges and young people below the age of 30 from communities throughout the country.
Chapters of the Club will be opened at every school, college or location where there are young people with an interest in entrepreneurship and business. All that needs to be done is for the youths to form a group at their school, college, suburb, growth point or wherever they are located. They then need to complete Young Entrepreneurs Club application and subscription from, which is available from the website http://smebusinesslink.com. The group then elects three of their members to be executives who organize and administer their operations and events.
BusinessLink will assist the Club chapters with entrepreneurial resources books, videos, audio books and programs to help them learn the essential elements of starting and running a business. They will also be assisted in organizing training workshops and events where business experts, experienced entrepreneurs and business role models will speak and motivate them in their endeavor to start business. The Clubs will have access to the BusinessLink Panel of Experts, who will provide advice and guidance on various business issues.
To help those who come up with promising ideas, BusinessLink will link them with sponsors, financiers and potential investors so as to bring their ideas into life. More information and progress on the roll out of the Clubs will be posted the website http://smebusinesslink.com. Those who want specific information or wish to provide advice can send me an email, chichonip@smebusinesslink.com.


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